Brother Ron Barnes
I am the moderator of the Universal Ministries forum, with a membership of over 3,800 ministers worldwide. I am also a frequent contributor. I am archiving my postings to the forum here in the hope that they will provide a source of information and inspiration. I hope you find them enlightening and useful as you grow in your understanding and service of God.

Brother Ron
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Christians Endangering Christians-12/26/2012
Which Way Do We Go?-12/23/2012
God Wants You to Lose Weight-12/21/2012
The Huckster-12/17/2012
Christmas and Yeshua-12/16/2012
Christmas in Oskaloosa-12/14/2012
Brotherhood Is a Plot-12/11/2012
Freedom of Non-Religion-12/10/2012
A New Conversation-12/07/2012
Dropping Out-12/04/2012
The War on Christmas-11/27/2012
God and Santa Claus-11/25/2012
Stripping the Churches-11/18/2012
One Nation Under God-11/12/2012
Fired Up-11/09/2012
Study Help-11/01/2012
Another View-10/30/2012
Fear the Veteran-10/23/2012
Not Like Us-10/22/2012
Woman Will Be a Priest-10/19/2012
The Reason for Our Existence-10/18/2012
Does Prayer Work?-10/15/2012
Replacement Theology-10/09/2012
The Real World-10/07/2012
We Need to Get Along-10/04/2012
Quote From Pat Robertson-10/02/2012
Concerning the War on Drugs-6/20/2012
Code of Ethics (Continued)-6/18/2012
Code of Ethics (Continued)-6/18/2012
Code of Ethics-Part 3-6/17/2012
Code of Ethics-Part 2-6/17/2012
Code of Ethics-6/16/2012
Denying Existence-6/08/2012
Christianity 101-6/04/2012
Military Suicides-5/26/2012
The War on Religion-5/25/2012
Let There Be Light-05/25/2012
Did the Jews Kill Jesus?-5/24/2012
The Final Solution-5/23/2012
Keeping Out the Riffraff-5/14/2012
Opportunity for Ministry-5/11/2012
Right Place, Right Time-5/01/2012
Leaving God-4/30/2012
Money For Your Ministry-4/30/2012 
Direction For Your Ministry-4/29/2012
Religion vs. Spirituality-4/27/2012
Vatican Reprimands Nuns-4/21/2012
No Charity in New York-4/08/2012
Christian Sanctuary-4/06/2012
The Resurrection and Ascenstion-3/31/2012
What Are We Doing Here?-3/30/2012
Criticizing Beliefs-3/22/2012

Christian Nation-3/22/2012
Writing a Bible-2/01/2012
The Golden Rule-1/29/2012
The Voice of God-1/27/2012
God's Judgment-1/17/2012
False Gods-1/15/2012
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