Christians Endangering Christians

Christianity is facing possible extinction in the Middle East. Christians have lived in the Middle East as long as there have been Christians. And for over 1000 years Islam has been the dominant faith there. Mohammed commanded toleration for them as "people of the book". Now they are on the defensive, toleration disappearing or absent.

What changed? Ask Ann Coulter who when cheerleading for war urged us to invade these countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. Ask the `Christian' right who leaps for joy when we attack in the Middle East because
they think that will bring God's judgment about more quickly. Christianity grew
to world domination by attacking other religions through the armies its adherents controlled. Usually brutally, sometimes extraordinarily so. Many Christians eschew that past and sincerely hope for a better record in the future, but others continue to push this bloody tradition whenever they get the chance. In the process they set their fellow members of the faith in other countries up for being framed as internal enemies, traitors, and agents of the American government.

One of my least favorite hymns is "Onward Christian Soldiers". The Church tried
that and it worked for hundreds of years. Of course people eventually came to
their senses and stripped the Church of its military power. But we still have people who think they can serve up religion at gunpoint. They were wrong a thousand years ago and they are wrong today. God is not a homicidal maniac. God does not want you to kill His children. God does not need you to fight his battles for Him. He has proven repeatedly that He can take care of Himself.

The Muslim fanatics who are supporting a "holy war" are making the same mistake
the Christians made in the Middle Ages. We do not need to give them more
recruiting material for their faulty agenda. Not only do we present a warped
image of God as a bloodthirsty monster, we put the lives of those Christians in
that part of the world in danger.

Somebody explain to me why that's a good idea.

Best always

Brother Ron