Christmas and Yeshua

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Just a very simple question, what does Christmas really have to do with Jesus? There is more proof that Horus was born on December 25 and zero proof that Yeshua was. Maybe it is time that the Pagans take back their Yuletide celebration.


An excellent question, Jerry. Not only was Yeshua not born on December 25, He was not even born that year. You can read in the second chapter of Matthew how wise men came to honor the baby. They went to Herod and asked where to find Him. Herod told them to look for Him in Bethlehem. He also told them to come back and tell him where to find the baby so he could honor Him as well. The wise men found Mary, Joseph and Yeshua but they suspected Herod was up to no good and told them to leave. So Mary, Joseph and the baby fled to Egypt.

When Herod found out he had been deceived, he ordered the murder of all male babies born in Bethlehem for the past two years. This is known as the Slaughter of the Innocents. According to Flavius Josephus' "Antiquities of the Jews", Herod died in a forest in the year 4 BC. Obviously, all of this must have happened before then. We must also remember this was a long time before the interstate
highway system. It took awhile for the wise men to get to Jerusalem. That is why Herod ordered the murder of all born in the last two years. So if our calendar is based on the life of Yeshua, we are off by 5 or 6 years.

I myself have often wondered why we see commercials on television urging us to buy a $50,000 car to commemorate the birth of the One who said, "Blessed are the poor".

Angels we have heard on high
Tell us to go out and buy
A Lexus or Mercedes-Benz.
TV sets for all our friends.
Maxing out our credit cards.

Best always
Brother Ron