One Nation Under God

The recent elections and the campaigns leading up to them have bitterly divided this country. How are we supposed to solve our problems when we are busy pointing fingers at each other and calling each other names? We are all children of the same God. To me, this trumps party loyalty or economic ideology.

This forum and its members constitutes the potential to be a healing force for our current divisions. We come from different geographic areas, different economic strata and different social backgrounds. We see different aspects of God and call Him by different names. Yet we are able to communicate with each other with dignity and respect. Wouldn't it be nice if our elected leaders were able to do the same?

Perhaps this should be our mission in the coming months. We should remind people that the things we have in common far outweigh our differences. We should remind our leaders that "my way or the highway" has never been a winning political formula. We should remind them that they swore to protect and defend the Constitution, not a lobbyist or his johns.

Real people are hurting in the real world. The only way we are going to help them is by working together. This country has been built by the combined effort of all races, sexes, ages and economic and social backgrounds. It can only be destroyed by us tearing each other apart over petty differences

Let us be a force to uniting this country as "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all".

Best always
Brother Ron