Fired Up

If you paid any attention to President Obama's campaign, you probably heard the phrase "Fired up! Ready to go!". This was started by a small black woman in Greenwood, South Carolina, when Obama was an unknown candidate who, according to the political pundits, had very little chance of success. If you missed it, you can catch her interview at

From the one woman in a relatively small community in a state not usually considered politically significant, that chant grew into a national slogan which inspired a campaign that eventually led to the White House. Think about that the next time you are wondering whether one person can make a difference.

You might also consider the effect a group of outcasts from a small town on the outskirts of a minor province in the Roman Empire had on the rest of the world. You had the son of a carpenter who had rejected the Jewish tradition of following his father's profession to become an itinerant preacher. You had a tax collector who had collected money to support an occupying army which was universally despised. You had an illiterate fisherman and his 11-year-old nephew. Hardly the kind of people you would expect to change the world. But that's what they did.

I often think that nobody knows or cares about the online ministry I have spent many hours creating and maintaining. Then I get an email from a teacher who is using my web site as a resource for her class. I look at my YouTube channel and see that hundreds of people have viewed my "Ask Brother Ron" videos. Then I realize that, even though I do not receive much direct feedback, somewhere out there I am making a difference.

As you go about your daily chores, you are making a difference for better or for worse. People may not even know you are a minister but your words and deeds are making an impact for better or for worse. You might remember that when you consider how you will spend the nest day our Father has given us to accomplish His work.

Best always
Brother Ron