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When Jesus/Yeshua comes back makes you wonder how many of these church folks will be accepted into God's kingdom when all they do is judge and belittle people who don't agree with them. Interesting isn't it?


The concept of judgment is one of the mainstays of both Christianity and Islam. My problem with this is it limits God to our concept of space and time. This violates the principle of an omnipotent and omniscient God. If God is confined by space and time, then the laws of physics are stronger than the will of God. I have a problem with this.

A human judge can not pass judgment on a crime which has not been committed. He must wait until evidence is gathered about previous events and presented in court to render a verdict. But God does not have to wait and see what we will do before deciding whet He will do. If God's actions are determined by my actions, in a way that puts me in control of God. What God worthy of the name would put a jerk like me in control?

Furthermore, if God does not base his verdict on my previous actions, I do not need a court-appointed attorney to defend me in His court. This negates the very premise of evangelism. I do not need Jesus to defend me on the day of judgment because the verdict was rendered before I was born.

Now this does not invalidate the principle of God's judgment. I believe that we are constantly learning and evolving to what God wants us to be. As we learn, some of the lessons are hard. For example, take the maniacs who believe that, if they blow themselves up to kill God's children, He will reward them in Paradise with 74 virgins. What if the 74 virgins are not from this planet? What if they are from the movie "Alien"? What if their next incarnation is as a male black widow spider? The female kills and eats the male after copulation. That ought to teach them some humility.

God is not a three-dimensional God. A three-dimensional god is an idol. I think the Bible tells us not to worship idols.

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