Woman Will Be a Priest

On Saturday, Dianne Dougherty, a former nun, will be ordained as a Catholic priest by the Association of Women Catholic Priests. The Vatican has already announced that she will be excommunicated for this. Dougherty says she is just following her calling. "God calls all of us", she said, "and if we happen to be a woman, there shouldn't be these structures that keep us from it."

Pope Benedict has condemned the Association by saying, "Is disobedience a path of renewal for the church? The ban on women priests is part of the Church's divine constitution set forth infallibly".

Dougherty said she plans to serve a congregation in Atlanta, Georgia. The archbishop of Atlanta said the church cannot ordain women "since among His 12 apostles, Jesus Christ did not include any women in spite of His open association and friendship with women throughout His ministry".

Using this line of logic, only Jews could become priests, since Yeshua and all His Disciples were Jews. And when did obeying the religious hierarchy become more important than obeying God? Oh, that's right. The Pope is God's representative on earth and he's infallible. He was declared infallible by a vote of the College of Cardinals. We believe in democracy so if he won the
infallibility vote, he must be infallible. Makes sense to me.

Go get `em, Sister Dianne.

Best always
Brother Ron