The Real World

We spend a lot of time on this forum talking about ideology and dogma. Certainly those are appropriate topics for a philosophical discussion. But these ideologies and dogmas have a real effect on real people in the real world. Shouldn't we be devoting our time and efforts to making life better for real people in the real world?

For example, I am opposed philosophically to abortion. But let's look at the effects of ideology in the real world. If a woman gives birth to a child that she is not emotionally and economically able to care for, what are the results? Are the same people who oppose abortion so violently ready to support that woman and her child for the next 18 years?

I am a big advocate of adoption. Are the people who oppose abortion ready willing and able to adopt a black child with fetal alcohol syndrome? What will the neighbors think? And let's not forget that abortions will still be available for those with the money to go out of the country to get one. So overturning Roe vs. Wade will only affect those least able to afford raising a child.

I am also a big fan of the government letting people lead their own lives as they see fit. For example, I believe that the war on drugs has been a bigger disaster than the war on terror. Why do we put more people per capita in prison than any other country "for their own good"? Did Prohibition teach us nothing? Today's gang wars make Al Capone look like chump change.

On the other hand, I believe people have the right to live free from fear and intimidation. I believe people have the right to have clean air and water. I believe we have the right to be protected from those who threaten our financial well-being. There's a line from an old song that goes "Some rob you with a six-gun and some with a fountain pen". How far should the government go to protect us from both?

So what can we (and that means those of us in this forum) do to make life better for the real people in the real world?

Best always
Brother Ron