God Hates You

New details are emerging about the maniac who gunned down six people and wounded others at a Sikh mosque. Investigations have revealed his association with the Hammerskins, a racist skinhead group. Page also used a pseudonym, "Jack Boot," an apparent reference to the high military boots worn by members of dictatorial regimes such as Nazi Germany.

Meanwhile, in Missouri, a Muslim mosque which an arsonist attempted to burn on July 4 was burned to the ground. Apparently the arsonist learned from his mistakes and this time was able to finish the job. These are just the latest in a series of attacks on minority groups which have mushroomed in the last four years.

The election of a black President and the collapse of the economy have resulted in a huge resurgence of right-wing extremism largely split into two spheres: an anti-government extremist one, such as the militia movement, and white supremacists. The number of militia groups has quintupled in the past three years and there have been many arrests of white supremacists over the same time for acts of violence.

The message is clear. If you're not "one of us", God hates you and has appointed these groups to express His displeasure in the strongest way possible. This probably plays well to those who have no record of previous accomplishments and a negative self-image. "I may not be much but I'm better than those (fill in the blank)."

I believe this to be an offshoot of the current political climate. We are no longer "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all". We are divided along racial, economic, ethnic and religious lines. This suits the power brokers just fine. If we are busy fighting each other, we will not be able to focus our energies on solving the real problems facing us. As long as we spend all of our time and energy fighting what we hate, there will be nothing left for what we love.

Best always
Brother Ron