My Mistakes

--- In, Vampire Shaman wrote:
>God is not all powerful and all-knowing, and He has no plan for you. If He were, in fact, all knowing, he would know the choices you are going to make, and you would not need to demonstrate your love for Him, because He already knows it. If He were all-powerful, He would keep you from making the mistakes that He will punish you for making. Either that, or He knows you are going to make the mistakes, and He has some sadistic desire to punish you, so He makes you make the mistakes, because He is all-powerful and enjoys toying with His creation in that manner.

As a matter of fact, God does know the choices you are going to make before you make them. You do not need to love God for His benefit. You need to love Him for your benefit. Since the Spirit of God is an integral part of your being, to hate God is to hate yourself. To lack faith in God is to lack faith in yourself. On the other hand, belief in God is belief in yourself. I have the strength and
wisdom of the Lord and creator of the universe within me. If I can draw on that kind of strength and wisdom, what can you do to scare me? Nothing. I can go boldly forward with the attitude that I can accomplish the impossible. In fact, I have been doing it for over forty years.

Do I make mistakes? Trust me, I have made some doozies. Why did God let me make mistakes? To learn from them. It's part of growing up. God will not punish me for the mistakes I have made but he does expect me to learn not to make the same mistakes again. He expects me to keep growing into what He wants me to become. I am a 66-year-old great-grandfather. I can't wait to see what I'm going to be when I grow up.

Best always
Brother Ron