Marketing Hate

--- In, Kari Holtz wrote:
> The other day on Facebook one of my friends went on a tangent regarding homosexuality and how it was against the bible. Of course a lot of his friends jumped on the topic to congrdulate his standing up for christians and how bad gay people were. Well the conversation just kept rolling and he starts talking about how he wouldn't let a bisexual or transgendered person take care of his
children. So I stated politely that as a bisexual person I failed to see his fear for his children. Bisexuality or being transgendered does not  make a person a danger or a pedophile as they were all making it seem  like they believe.
> I promptly was asked if I was a christian and his other friends started off on a mile long slander fest. Evidently, bisexual people cannot be married, we cannot be ministers nor can we be anything above pond scum.... (all laughable). The conversation went on and it was said there was no way a person could be christian and tolerate homosexuals, bisexuals or transgendered people.
> That was all I could handle and had to stop reading. I told my husband and he said not to worry what other people think, I told him I wasn't worried, I was sad. it made me very sad for these people so closed up that they seem to just hate so much. There is so much love out there if we just let God show us and forget the dogma.

What you do not understand is that the dogma is part of the sales pitch. The minister/salesman wants to convince his congregation/customers that they are the blessed elite and others are the accursed sinners. You are better than them because you are one of us. Small people have to put others down to build themselves up. Great marketing, lousy theology.

Best always
Brother Ron