Street Kids

A three-day sweep by police agencies across the country has led to the removal of 79 teenagers from a life of prostitution and the arrest of more than a hundred pimps, the FBI reported on Tuesday. Hundreds of FBI agents and thousands of state and local law-enforcement officers targeted the Internet as well as such places as truck stops, casinos and "tracks" where prostitutes are known to walk the street in the crackdown.

The teenagers -- 77 girls and two boys -- ranged in age from 13 to 17. They are being held in custody until they could be placed with child welfare organizations, Reuters reported. The FBI said 104 suspected pimps were arrested during sting operations in 57 U.S. cities including Atlanta, Sacramento, and Toledo, Ohio.

My question is what drove these children to the streets in the first place? Where were the parents who were supposed to look after them? Where were the neighbors, teachers and ministers? Were these children deemed worthless? Were they condemned as "sinners"?

The Supreme Court has just ruled that a court can not sentence a minor to life without the possibility of parole. The thinking is that society should not condemn a child as totally worthless with no chance of redemption. Did we pronounce the same sentence on these children? Were they so abused they saw no other way out?

I guess everybody just decided they did not want to get involved.

Best always
Brother Ron