Pulpit Freedom (Part 2)

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> The IRS does not have a reputation for letting rules be walked over- Are you saying the IRS knows about a violation and yet they have not acted on the situation? Why do you think the IRS is aware of this and does not respond? Seriously...they don't take much guff from anyone.

Maybe the IRS is trying to avoid another Citizens United type of verdict in favor of the churches. Can you imagine what kind of impact a Catholic Super PAC or a Southern Baptist Super PAC would have on the government? It does not take much imagination to foresee legislators backed by such funding to pass legislation banning witchcraft, restoring anti-gay laws and God knows what else.

It's time we realize that the big organizations with the big money are determined to make this THEIR country. To a great extent, they have already succeeded. If we ever want this to be OUR country, we can not depend on anybody else to make that happen. The lawmakers aren't going to do it, they are bought and paid for. The courts aren't going to do it. It's going to take a ground-up
effort and that means us, the boots on the ground.

If you are sitting back waiting for somebody else to solve your problems, you have already lost.

Best always
Brother Ron