Code of Ethics (continued)

--- In, "Pauline" wrote:
> I love Ron's Idea, but we are not the Republicans who signed Grover Nordquist's pledge. We follow our beliefs in a greater deity, not just one deity. Each deity is different, with different ways of worship. Its the followers who set the rules. Be it daily prayer or five times a day.
> I can think of the old Gods who had temple prostitutes, both men and women. While most of these Gods have been replaced by the One God, it was for them Moral to do so. It does point to my separation of Morals from Ethics.
> Pauline

Actually Pauline, unlike Grover, I am not demanding that you sign anything to get some kind of payoff. In fact, I'm not demanding anything. If you want to print out the code of ethics and use it as a daily reminder of who you are and who you want to be, great. If you want to modify it to reflect your own beliefs, great. If you want to ignore the whole idea, it will have no effect on your
membership in this forum or your ordination.

As I stated before, you are not making any pledge to me or the UM. Your ethics are a matter for you and God to work out. I have no bribe to offer for your participation. I guess that's why I will never be a successful lobbyist. Oh well.

Best always
Brother Ron