Code of Ethics (Continued)

--- In, Reverend House wrote:
> Wow, I read the Code of Ethics document and felt like I had just walked into a prison cell!  VERY restrictive and certainly not in the light of the right of all to believe as we see fit.  I understand that it is aimed at christian evangelists, but I don't see how it could be softened to meet the needs of the
mission I believe the UM embraces.
> Using the bible as the source for all the entries is not in keeping with non-christian beliefs.  As a Pantheist, very few of the "commandments" in the Code of Ethics really apply, and are in fact in
> direct conflict with many of my beliefs.
> Sorry, but I cannot agree to anything like this as a blanket code of ethics for our behavior.

> Reverend Steven House
> Church of Natural Origins
> Myakka City, Florida 


Which is why I adapted it to something I think most of us can agree on. See message 63951. You make a very valid point. I refer to those who claim the Bible is the perfect source of God's wisdom and instruction as Biblists because they worship a book. They can not claim to be Christians because most of the Bible has nothing to do with Yeshua or His ministry. And even those parts that do were written many years later in another language, which was then translated and edited by an organization with a political and social agenda.

This points out an even more basic flaw in most theology. I think we would all agree that humans are not perfect. Our works are not perfect and our organizations are not perfect. So for any organization to claim that it, its management or its products are perfect injects a basic flaw into that
organization. Yet this is what most religious organizations have done.

To be a "good" Christian, you have to accept that the Bible is perfect. That means that the people who translated and edited it were perfect. If you read the accounts of the First Council of Nicea, you will find that it reads more like a political convention than a religious gathering. If you believe that politicians are perfect, I have a great bridge in New York I can sell you.

And Christianity is not alone in this practice. Today we see many religions practicing hate in the name of a loving God. They do this in the name of religious purity. I consider this an oxymoron, since the leaders of these religions can hardly stand a scrutiny of their "purity". The only place you are going to find pure truth and pure wisdom is from the pure and perfect heart of God Himself.

You will find that within the core of your being, not in a book, a television program or a web site.

Best always
Brother Ron