Code of Ethics (Part 3)

--- In, Vampire Shaman wrote:
> It's rather disturbing to me that they feel a need to create this code of ethics. What is listed there is what all Christians should have been following for the last 2000 years, and most of it has not been followed by the evangelicals like Robertson, Falwell and Bakker for at least 40 years......
Which is why sometimes we need to be reminded of who we are and who we should be. We humans have short attention spans. We often get caught up in the moment and lose track of our long-term purpose. Tragedies like those you mentioned are examples of this.

If you want a simpler code of ethics, Yeshua gave it to us two thousand years ago. Love God. Love each other. Print that out and put it where you will see it every day. Better yet, engrave it in your heart. Follow that simple code 24/7/365 and the rest falls in place like a row of dominos.

Best always
Brother Ron