Code of Ethics (Part 2)

--- In, DebbiLaine wrote:
> ya know, that was an interesting link!  Maybe we could do such a thing, more wide-ranged like you said, to fit us all, but it would be something for each of us to look at and re-evaluate ourselves from time to time. I don't really think it would make us anymore 'real' ministers than otherwise, but self evaluation is always a good thing. It probably wouldn't be a mandatory thing to sign, but a
guideline is always a good thing.
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I have modified the evangelical code and uploaded my version of it to

You can select it (Ctrl A), copy it (Ctrl C) and paste it (Ctrl V) into your word processing program. From there, you can print it out. If you have any suggestions for modification, please share them.

As Deb suggested, this is not a mandatory pledge. You are not making a pledge to me or the UM. You are making a pledge to your deity and yourself. This is merely a way to put that commitment into a tangible form. It now becomes something real, not just a nice idea. It becomes a reminder of what you want to be. And it also becomes a public notice that you will strive to live up to.

Best always
Brother Ron