Did the Jews Kill Jesus?


In a recent post, a member stated his belief that the Jews killed Jesus. This view has been promoted through the ages as a justification for anti-Semitism. But did they? Was Yeshua the innocent victim of mob violence or did He commit suicide by cop? Was Judas the worst traitor of all time or a co-conspirator? Let's look at the facts.

Yeshua knew exactly what would happen to Him in Jerusalem. He told His disciples about it in Matthew 20:17-19-"And Jesus going up to Jerusalem took the twelve disciples apart in the way, and said unto them, Behold, we go up to Jerusalem; and the Son of man shall be betrayed unto the chief priests and unto the scribes, and they shall condemn him to death, And shall deliver him to the
Gentiles to mock, and to scourge, and to crucify him: and the third day he shall rise again."

Now if I know that a certain action will produce a certain result and do it anyway, it stands to reason the the result is what I wanted. If I knew that the people in a certain town were waiting to kill me, I would stay as far away from that town as possible. Instead, Yeshua proceeds to Jerusalem. Once there, He does everything possible to infuriate the San Hedrin. He runs the money changers out of the temple on the high holy days. This would be like me going to a mall the day after Thanksgiving and opening fire with an assault rifle. He then proceeds to stand on the temple steps and proclaim what a bunch of lowlifes the scribes and Pharisees are. So He not only predicts what will happen, He does everything possible to make it happen.

But why would Yeshua incite His own death? The answer is simple. The crowning achievement of His ministry was rising from the tomb. He proved the power of God  is greater than the power of death. He showed us that, as children of the living God, we have nothing to fear from the material world. And He proved that if we become as one with the Spirit of God, as He did, nothing is impossible to us. But before He could rise from the tomb, He had to die. He could not commit
suicide because this would be considered a sin. So He had to incite the San Hedrin to press the Romans to kill Him. The plan worked exactly as He predicted it would and achieved the desired result.

More to come.

Best always
Brother Ron


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