The Final Solution


MAIDEN, N.C. -- A local pastor is igniting controversy, preaching a plan to eliminate gays. NewsChannel 36 received several calls and complaints Monday about Pastor Charles Worley's sermon from May 13. It was originally posted on Providence Road Baptist Church's website.

The 71-year-old pastor delivered the sermon in response to President Obama supporting gay marriage earlier this month. But it's Worley's idea on how to control the homosexual population, not politics, that sent this video viral. In the video, Pastor Worley said his plan involves building a large fence, putting lesbians in one, the "queers and the homosexuals in another, and have that fence
electrified so they can't get out. And you know what? In a few years they'll die out."

Gee, where do I begin? For openers, this plan would require a return to the good old days when homosexuality was a crime. Good luck getting that enacted. Even if Congress was to pass such a law, the appeals would take an eternity. The good news is the pastor in question would probably be gone before the Supreme Court reached a decision so he would not live to see the fruition of his plan.

Of course Rev. Worley assumes that, with the gay population safely incarcerated, none of the younger generation would be "infected" with the scourge of homosexuality. Obviously homosexuals are created by the tireless gay army which works night and day in the service of Satan. Put them behind an electric fence and our children are safe. Makes sense to me.

What this story tells me is that hate causes your brain cells to short out. Your mind becomes so preoccupied with the zeal for your bigoted agenda that the logic circuits get deleted. I like to think that our Father gave me a brain for a reason. Any time I hear a minister, a politician or a commercial spouting nonsense, my logic circuits go into overdrive. This is a source of great
amusement for me.

I encourage the rest of you to try this. It's better entertainment than so-called "reality" shows. Ever wonder how the camera just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right lighting? Ever wonder how much "reality" was edited out? You could find more reality at Disney World.

Personally I prefer the reality of my home, my wife, my job and my ministry. But then again, I'm a LOON so what do I know?

Best always
Brother Ron


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