What Are We Doing Here?                    
Recently, there has been a barrage of traffic about abortion and contraception. People have deep feelings about both sides of the issue. We can argue about it. We can get upset about it. People can get their feelings hurt about it. But the one thing we can not do is change it. I do not think there is one government official represented in this forum.

So the question becomes what are we doing here? Is this a place to learn how to be more effective servants of our Father or is this just a semi-religious alternative to Facebook? Are we actually doing anything in the real world to make life better for God children or do we just sit here and babble ineffectively about ideological differences?

We are God's hands, feet, eyes, ears and voices in this world. How are we using our hands to build a better world? How are we using our feet to reach those in need? How are we using our eyes to see where need exists? Are we listening to those who need help, information or advice? Are we using our voices to spread the message of a loving God or demand action to help His children? Are we using our brains to find new ways to serve Him?

Or are we just sitting at the keyboard mouthing off?

Best always
Brother Ron