Criticizing Beliefs

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> It sounds to me that you're criticizing this pastor's beliefs, especially in his belief that Jesus is God. Scripture is not necessarily considered the only source of truth, but we don't need to get into the verity of tradition and the nuances of scripture interpretation. What I find interesting is that you are
criticizing him for that belief. He was speaking to his own congregation wasn't he? Why should you care what a religion that is different than yours believes?

My problem is not his beliefs. My problem is his preaching that his beliefs should be everybody's beliefs and everybody with different beliefs should leave the country. Granted that any good salesman should try to convince his customers that his product or service is the only one which will meet their needs. I just
have a problem with him perverting the message of Yeshua to make his sales pitch.

I also have problems with him preaching a message which can be used by our enemies to convince their recruits that it's us against them. The people who are trying to frame their political terrorism as a religious conflict will be able to use his speech to convinve others of their argument. How does this benefit the country he claims to love?

And finally, I have a problem with those in his congregation who will take his message as a call to action that they should encourage those with other beliefs to cleanse this country of "impurities" by leaving it. If you have different religious beliefs, GET OUT! If you have different beliefs about marriage and family, GET OUT! If you have different beliefs about abortion, GET OUT! It's not hard to imagine those with a need to justify their hatred to see this as just such a justification and act on it.

That's my problem.

Best always
Brother Ron