Where Did Life Begin
Recently there have been discussions on this forum about when life begins. I have been watching the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel and it leads me to the question of where did life begin. Let me give you a possible scenario.

Five billion years ago, a family from the planet Rigel 2 came to earth for a picnic. Since Rigel 2 is a very hot planet, they were very comfortable in the volcanic atmosphere of the young planet. When they left, they left their trash, including used cups and napkins, on the ground. These items were contaminated with bacteria from the mouths of the Rigellians. That bacteria thrived in the new environment and grew to become fish, dinosaurs and eventually, us.

Now I just pulled that story out of my left ear. Obviously, there is no way to verify it to a scientific certainty. It does, however, square with the archeological evidence. For the evangelicals, it also includes an element of
intelligent design. Of course, those who feel offended at the suggestion that we evolved from apes would recoil at the idea we came from alien drool. But still....

Best always
Brother Ron