Christianity-Fear or Love                                    
--- In, Shelly Strauss Rollison wrote:
God created man and gave him free will. However, in the Garden of Eden, man had everything he needed. And when God said "Do (or don't do) something", man did (or didn't do) whatever it was God had said to do
(don't do). Man didn't know that he could disobey God. God wanted man to return to God because man CHOSE to, not because he had not other choice. So he needed someone to teach man that he could disobey God. And so he asked Lucifer to do that job for him. And Lucifer, being an angel, did what God asked. Lucifer tempted mankind (God couldn't do it himself! How would man ever trust God if he tempted man to do wrong?) and showed man that he could disobey God. Once man knew that, Lucifer's job was done.
And Lucifer went back to God and said "All done, Boss!"
Try this on for size. Adam and Eve did not have everything in the Garden of Eden. There is not and never has been a place on earth which is the perfect temperature 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There may have been plenty of food but they still sat shivering, naked and exposed to the elements. Eventually they said, "We can do better than this" and found a cave to get out of the rain. Even our pets usually have enough sense to get out of the rain.

Eventually they saw the animals with their fur and said "Gee, if we had nice fur coats, we could stay warm". So, since they had dominion over the earth and all its animals, they figured out a way to sharpen stones into weapons so they could kill and skin the animals. While they were at it, they discovered that meat could relieve their hunger.

From there, they were on a slippery slope that eventually led to cars, houses, computers and us being here to discuss this. It was all part of the Master's plan for us to be more than just His pets. Eve did not commit a sin by getting Adam to want something more. It was the first honeydo list. "Honey, while you're up, get me an apple. And while you're at it, get one for yourself". Women have been perfecting the art ever since.

And this too is part of our Father's plan for us to keep growing toward what He wants us to eventually become.

Best always
Brother Ron