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> Contradiction or twisting the truth? Last time I looked Catholics aren't into beheading people who don't agree with them. Chopping off hands for stealing? Killing someone for leaving the church?
Ever seen the movie "Becket"? Ever heard of the Inquisition?

> Telling someone they aren't going to support the murder of the unborn because it goes against their religion; as to murdering those who don't join their cult is obviously the same thing. I mean murder is the common denominator. This is exactly how Satan works. Abandon God and join us in murder so you will be like us. It doesn't have to be murder. Accept evil and abandon God for any number of sins. One may make excuses or any number of reasons why one allowed evil to persist.
Ever heard of the Crusades?

> Murder of the unborn is NOT one of the worst sins. Sin is sin..., period. I'm guilty of a ton of sins. I don't go back and do it again if I know it is wrong. I try awfully hard not to do a sin in the first place but to go back when one is fully aware?
> I don't confess to the priest, the preacher, or the minister. No one can forgive my sins except my Master Himself. For it is against Him I have sinned. Bet your last lucky dime, as I watch the things going on in this world, God is taking notes. No one will ever get me to knowingly support the murder of the unborn. May I forfeit my own worthless life first.

Nobody is asking you to support anything. If you truly oppose abortion (and I have no doubt that you do), what are you doing about it? Don't expect Washington to solve the problem. All you are going to get from Washington is empty promises and requests for donations. Washington can pass all the laws they want. It still
won't keep those who want an abortion from booking a three-day trip to a country where they are legal. This is an issue that must be dealt with from the ground up. That's us.

Expecting Washington to solve your problems is like expecting mercy from Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson.

Best always
Brother Ron