Writing a Bible
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> I have thought about writing my own Bible, but after I took out the OT and anything that Paul or his lackey Luke wrote and the book of Revelation, there wasn't much left except the parables of Yeshua and his two commandments. Not much of a book.
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If you are going to write a Bible, the first thing you are going to need is a group of people to verify that your word is the word of God. Why do we call the Bible the word of God? Because the church says it is the word of God. Different churches have verified different words. Some acknowledge the Apocrypha and some don't. The Eastern Orthodox bible is different from the Roman Catholic bible. I have E-Sword on my computer. I have 20 Bibles. Which one is the true word of God? Whichever one the "holy" fathers of your church recognize.

I heard a professor in a class on hermeneutics (the art and science of scriptural interpretation) describe it this way. I think we would all agree that Bart Starr deserved to be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Did Bart Starr earn that right when he was playing or when he was voted in? I think most would agree that he earned his status on the field. His entry into the Hall of Fame was simply a recognition of his achievements as a player.

According to the laws of hermeneutics, the words of the Bible were holy as soon as the ink hit the parchment. The church merely gave official recognition to their holy nature, just as the Hall of Fame voters gave official recognition to Bart Starr's status as a Hall of Fame quarterback. But the words are only holy to those who accept the judgment of the holy church fathers. To a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Hindu, there's nothing holy about the Bible because they do not recognize the holy nature of the delegates to the First Council of Nicea.

So find yourself a group of holy people who will declare your book to be holy gospel. Then have them go out and convince others of the holy nature of your work and you too can be a holy prophet. Sounds a lot like Amway, doesn't it.

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