God's Judgment
Many religions teach that, after we die, God will judge our actions and hand out reward or punishment as He sees fit. Once again, we are trying to make God conform to our concept of reality instead of trying to understand His. In this scenario, God must wait to see what we will do before deciding what He will do.
In other words, God has no idea what is going to happen next. He is bound by our concept of time and reacts to what we do. This means the laws of physics are stronger than the will of God. I have a problem with this.

In the first place, the laws of physics are part of the universe God created. In order for Him to put these laws in place, He must have powers which supersede these laws. So to confine God to the laws He created diminishes God. Once again, we are trying to make God in our image. Funny, I always thought it was the other way around.

Not only do we try to make God conform to our understanding, we do the same with God's justice. Courts must wait until an act has been committed before they can pass judgment on that act. You can't convict somebody for a crime that has not been committed yet. Once again, God is a blind god who has no plan and is just playing it by ear. The God I worship is bigger than that.

Just trying to make you see the whole elephant.

Best always
Brother Ron